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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Aaron Barret One on One PK Lesson

Aaron Barret was in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday and Sunday for a One one One Kicking Lesson and evaluation.

Aaron is former University of Hawaii and New Mexico athlete. He also has played for the Bakersfield Blitz in the arena league and was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2007.

Aaron is 26 years old and is a teacher in California and has some tough decisions to make. Should he keep teaching and move on with his life and career or still chase a dream?

Aaron drove to Scottsdale on Saturday and wanted my opinion or evaluation of his talent.

We started the first session with Aaron kicking and me watching and analyzing. I could tell right away he had good pop! He also got excellent elevation on his ball.

However, he was erratic on his starting position and his consistency. He was not happy with the way he was kicking. I could tell he needed some help.

We talked for a while and he wanted some help. Being a full time teacher and coach he had not been kicking a lot and that was part of the problem.

Aaron is an excellent athlete and has kicking skills however has never been coached on kicking. He has gotten by on talent. To make it in the NFL you need talent and consistency.

I started to teach Aaron my system.

First we got Aaron to mark off his steps more precisely. Below we made sure he was the correct distance on every approach.

In the photo below, starting every kick from the same distance is so important!

Below, If you have a consistent approach you will have a consistent perfect plant!

Below, If you have a consistent perfect plant you will make consistent contact!

Below, If you have consistent contact on the ball with the same leg swing and follow through...

and end up on balance just like Aaron is below. You have a chance to be consistent!

We finished our two days of kicking and evaluating. I believe Aaron has the potential and talent to be an NFL kicker. He started the first day erratically. However, after being coached he started to hit the ball much better. I could see potential.

Part of being a good evaluator is also having the ability to project.

If Aaron takes the system I taught him and uses his talent and potential. His chances of getting into the NFL will be greater.

I told him to go back home and practice. Like all clients he will see more improvement in two to three weeks. If he continues working the drills and emphasizing the teaching points I gave him his new muscle memory will kick in.

Aaron will be able to make the correct decision for his future. Should he take one more go at the NFL or hang up the spikes.

Check out Aaron's kicking technique in the short video below:

I think Aaron is young and has talent. I would like to see him try it one more time!

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