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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Abdollmohammadi 1 on 1 Lesson

On Thursday and Friday Romeen Abdollmohammadi was in Scottsdale, Arizona for some One on One Kicking Lessons. Romeen was the kicker a Washington State the last two years and has aspiration of becoming an NFL kicker.

Romeen is a stocky 6' 230 pound strong legged kicker who is trying to refine his skills and become a more consistent kicker.

In the first One on One Kicking Lesson Romeen kicked and I observed and analyzed his form and technique. I immediately noticed two things; 1) when he marked off his steps he was inconsistent from kick to kick and 2) he was a "Cruncher".

After the first lesson we went back to my office and reviewed the video. Romeen had not seen himself up close on video for a while so the observations I made on the field became crystal clear after seeing himself in slow motion on tape.

Just like most of the punters and kickers that come to Scottsdale for One on One lessons they all give me background information, show me drills they use to stress fundamentals and tell me the instructors that they have gone to and what they teach and emphasize for teaching points.

During the second lesson we tried to get Romeen to work on being fundamentally sound. In the photo below we worked on getting a consistent starting position and approach on every kick. Romeen's perfect triangle was 101" x 80" x 135" down the middle, right and left hash marks.

As Romeen got more consistent with his 'Perfect Triangle' he started getting a more consistent 'Perfect Plant' which resulted in a more consistent foot on the ball contact.

When Romeen started kicking the first day he was "Crunching" down like a hurdler. He told me that is what he was taught. In the photo below and during the lessons we tried to focus on Romeen keeping his head down but his torso more upright.

As Romeen stayed more upright he started to kick and skip up through his kicks better and the balls started flying further and with more elevation down the middle of the goal posts.

In the first lesson Romeen kicked and did a little pirouette and sometimes fell back off his kicks.

My final point of emphasis for Romeen was to kick up and through the ball and end up on balance down field. In the photo below he is working a drill to accomplish this.

We finished the second lesson working on kickoffs. As Romeen kicked I observed that he hit many of kickoffs with a lot of spin. This is a problem many kickers have. In the photo below you can see the foot to ball contact position Romeen had on one of his better kickoffs.

The key to any kickoff man's success is a consistent approach, a consistent perfect plant and a consistent foot to ball contact.

During my two days of working with Romeen he was a very polite young man and a pleasure to work with. He is a student of the game and picks up coaching concepts quickly.

I gave Romeen a couple of things to take home to work on that I felt will help him take his game to a higher level. Like everyone else, after two to three weeks of working drills he is going to see positive results.

Romeen got better in the two days working here in Scottsdale. However, more importantly he knows exactly what he must do to get better and refine his game.

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