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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Longest Punt in Super Bowl History

I called former Dallas Cowboys punter Mike Saxon today to check out and O.K. his punting section on my web site. I recruited Mike to walk-on at San Diego State back in the early 1980's. As we were going thru the Art of Punting section, Mike asks me a question about the up coming Super Bowl here in Arizona. His question was, who holds the Record for the Longest Punt in Super Bowl History? I answer you! Simply, because I didn't know and Mike played in a couple of them with the Cowboys.

The correct answer was Lee Johnson! Lee Johnson holds the Record for the Longest Punt in Super Bowl History with a punt of 63 yards. Lee set this record punt while playing for the Bengals. Lee is also on my web site. Lee was a punter at BYU when I coached there in 1980. I tutored and coached Lee many times during his long NFL career. Check out Lee's punting form on http://www.coachzauner.com/

"Lee is one of my all time favorite players and people"

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